Let’s Change The World Together!


Is it important to become a member of a church? Why do I have to go through a class to become a member? Can’t I just show up whenever I can to church? We are often asked this and many questions about becoming a member at i5. Some people are skeptical; others are just curious. No matter where you fall on the spectrum, there is nothing to be anxious about. We sincerely consider this a next step in your journey with Christ.

At i5, we call our members partners, and our membership process is actually a partnership process. We do this because we encourage and challenge our partners to have a sense of ownership and responsibility for our vision. A member has rights, but a partner shares responsibility.

During the 4-part partnership session (iCONNECT), you learn about the vision and mission of i5, get some foundational spiritual truths, gain some insight on how God shaped you with gifts and talents, and finally, sign up to serve on one of our many teams.

As partners, we share three responsibilities:

• PRAY  (for the leaders and partners)
• SERVE  (in church, community and the world)
• GIVE  (to support God’s vision for us and our community)

We can’t wait to see you take this next step in your journey and join a community of people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world.