Child Dedication

May 20 1:00 pm

On May 20, we’ll be doing our public child dedication after of our experiences! Our children are gifts from God, and we want to provide an opportunity to give these precious gifts back to the Father. This is a beautiful time for friends and family members to come and witness this beautiful ceremony which will happen after our experiences. 

We invite you to come and join us! Be a part of this amazing celebration!

This class is for church partners (members) who are interested in having their child (ren) dedicated to the Lord. Parents will learn the significance of dedicating a child to God and understand the parental responsibility of raising Godly children.

If you are dedicating your child(ren) in May, the Child Dedication class is going to be on Thursday, May 10th at 7:00 pm in the Annex. The Ceremony will be on Sunday, May 20th. More information will be sent out as the date approaches.

Childcare is available for $5 per child.

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