You Are Called To Lead.

Your church desires for you to continue developing and growing your relationship with God and others. Today, we make a commitment to partner with you. Partnership looks like intentional spiritual, emotional and leadership development. This intentional development is iMPACT U.

In iMPACT U, you are encouraged to take on development opportunities that enhance your relationship with God and others. iMPACT U has different development tracks (Worship/Production, i5 KIDS, NEXT GEN, Discipleship etc.) based on ministry opportunities and individual gift alignment.

Because you are leader, your first interaction in iMPACT U is the Leadership Academy. The Leadership Academy is designed to prepare ALL leaders to lead in any sphere. Existing and potential leaders are required to complete Leadership Academy to lead at i5. The next opportunity to participate is April 23 - 26 nightly at 7pm.

LEAD 101   Spiritual Leadership—We believe we are a spirit-led church, i5’s spiritual culture defines every part of i5 CITY. 

LEAD 102  Servant Leadership—We have been called to reach beyond the four corners of a church building. This course provides all leaders with the tools necessary to become servant leaders.

LEAD 103  Relational Leadership—The gift of relationship is the act of giving oneself to others. The goal is to provide practical instruction of creating and sustaining relational environments.

LEAD 104  Multiplying Leadership—Making disciples is a mandate from God. Our culture requires duplication. Duplication can be taught!

*LEAD—SEMINAR 101  Freedom—Freedom is designed to provide a safe place through which core lies, soul wounds, life patterns and demonic oppression are dealt with and removed from any believer’s life.

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Fresh Start Discipleship Classes

Fresh Start Discipleship (Eric Mitchell)—An initial prayer of repentance begins the journey with Christ. This class provides simple and relatable teaching on how to cultivate a thriving relationship with Christ and with other believers.

Tuesdays (11wks) / 7-9PM

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Book of Acts

Acts (Brandi and Marc Myers)—“Luke’s second volume is called Acts.” The six parts of this book describe the expansion of the Messiah following the outward pour on Jerusalem. This class examines these 6 parts and provides a clear journey of the first church and the expansion of the Gospel.

Tuesdays (8wks) / 7-9PM

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Book of Romans

Romans (Troy Nesbit and Andrea Rowan)—The book of Romans explores Paul’s ancient Rome and the interaction of the new message of Christ with the prevalent patterns of the ancient Roman culture. The basic premise of this class is to expose students to the people who were living with a new hope that Jesus had come to save and it did not matter if you were a Jew, Roman, free or slave. Jesus came to save all.

Tuesdays (8wks) / 7-9PM

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Fruit of the Spirit

We have been given gifts from God to be able to win our everyday battles. For every difficulty that may arise, the gift arises that matches to combat that difficulty. This class teaches how to identify the fruits and consistently walk in it.

Saturdays (8wks) / 12-2PM

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Six Phases of Faith

“God takes our belief and He blesses us through it, and that makes life a great adventure.” The six phases of faith teach how to handle times when we desire something to happen, but it doesn’t run according to our timeline.

Tuesdays (8wks) / 7-9PM

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Times are increasingly changing and it is becoming of greater import to be able to defend our faith. This class provides you with a spiritual confidence to be able to biblically defend your faith.

Saturdays (8wks) / 12-2PM

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Freedom—Being free isn’t the absence of something, it is the presence of someone. Freedom provides spiritual context to trauma and pain. Addictions, wounds, and brokenness are the stems of the root issue, which is the need for the recognition of the presence of God through difficult times.

Retreat Style—September 6-8, 2018

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