i5 City Students

i5 City Students is our student ministry of i5 City. The student ministry covers 7th – 12th grades and often times partners with young adults and even grades 5 and 6. 

The vision for i5 City Students is to develop young, yet mature Christ-followers, who will honor God, their families, and their communities. Our goal with our students is to be intentional, holistic and relational. We believe in having fun (and we have tons of it), we believe in the excitement (everything we do goes crazy), but our goal is to develop mature believers in Christ. 

Every event that we hold has an intentional goal for the development of students. We hold three monthly events for our students. We have a Student Night which is held the last Sunday of every month, usually at i5, but it can be other places as well. The student night is usually free, consists of free food, games, door prizes, big stage excitement, and a lot of fun. It also has worship elements and powerful relevant messages from our student leaders. 

We also hold Student Groups which are held once a month at i5. Those are held on the 2nd Sunday of every month. During student groups, we split our High School and Middle School students up into small groups and teach develop our students using our sermon-based curriculum. Our small group model serves as an effective model for students to open up and actually talk out their realities and be healed through love and connection. 

We also hold Student Hangouts which are our relationship building model. Imagine going to your friend’s house and literally hanging out. That is our hangout. We have pizza, chips and other (healthy and non-healthy) snacks, open video game rooms, movie rooms, board game rooms…and we just hang out. We have found this to be one of our best ways to relate to the students. Our leaders get a chance to literally sit and talk and just have fun and build trust and relationship. Hangouts are mostly held at i5, but could also be held at bowling alleys and even the mall. If we are out of i5, we will usually split the hangouts up between middle school and high school. 

Our volunteer staff meets regularly to pray for and train to be better leaders and models for your students and the goal is to see your student developed in every area of their life. 

For more information and questions, email Devin Gray at [email protected]