RED Leaders Network


RED Leaders is a connection point for Pastors and Leaders from diverse backgrounds with varied experiences and expressions. RED provides a pool of relationships and resources needed to position your church, ministry, and leadership to fulfill its mission like God intended.

RED Leaders is the platform upon which i5 CHURCH supports local churches, church plants, ministries, and leaders. RED helps pastors and leaders connect, build relationships, cross-pollinate ideas and gain access to a broad library of free resources. We are here to furnish you with whatever you need to rethink, relaunch and reposition yourself and your ministry for greater things.

RED is more than a color to us. It represents our heart, passion, impact, energy, action, courage, and leadership—all of which shape our perception of what we should be in the community. RED is our heart for the church, leadership, the community and the world. It is this passion we want to share with you.


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