Wake Up. Drink Coffee. Make Impact.

Why not change the world...this Saturday!

We believe that we are called to make an impact on our families, communities and the world. God has commissioned his Church to be the hands and feet of Jesus while we are on this earth. It is with this mandate that we take our mission to the streets. Every Saturday we gather as a church and we serve our city. We call the initiative Serve Saturday. This is our opportunity to give to those who are in need. There are no sign-ups. No need to email us. Just come to i5 at 10:00 am on any Saturday, get your marching orders and then go and serve the city with your assigned teams. 

It's that easy to make an impact THIS WEEKEND! We believe that the need is a seed to salvation. Imagine if we all gave 2 hours a week just to drop a seed of life change in the life of someone in need. 

Why not get involved and change the world with us! We'll see you this Saturday. 

Visit i5serve.com