Serve In Church

Every one of us is graced with gift and talents. There is something you are a ten at. Maybe you’ve not yet found it. But that’s why we are here. At i5, we are big on serving—serving in the church, in the community and around the world. We believe that serving is a necessary step in our journey with Jesus, to spiritual maturity. Through serving others with our gifts and time, we worship Jesus and point others to him. There are many opportunities to serve at i5.


Volunteers on these teams create the first and lasting impressions on our guests every week. They help with parking, give warm hugs and handshakes and lead people to comfortable seats. They especially take care of our first-time guests— giving them our VIP treatment.


Volunteers on our worship team use their abilities as an expression of worship to Jesus through music. They lead worship sessions during our experiences and events, singing or playing in the band.


Volunteers on these teams lead groups that cultivate community at i5. They develop leaders, facilitate relationships, disciple people to spiritual maturity and create supportive and caring communities.


Volunteers on our creative teams capture and communicator stories creatively. They serve by creating content rich in culture and faith for the web, print and visual arts.


Volunteers on these teams dedicate their time to helping people along their journey as Christ-followers. They teach classes, facilitate prayers and intercession, hold conversions and answer questions that help people grow into mature Christians.


Volunteers on i5 KIDS teams get the opportunity to guide and care for our dearest ones during our weekend experiences. There is singing, dancing, games and teaching of biblical truths of God’s word. They check in the kids, care for babies, engage pre-teens, lead experiences and assist group teachers.