Freedom Session

July 25 - 27 2019  |  i5 City - BWI Campus

681 Hollins Ferry Rd, Glen Burnie, MD, USA

Is not the absence of something…It is the presence of Someone!

You learn how to hear God and operate in God’s freedom for your life!
As our response to Jesus’ command to declare the gospel of the Kingdom and demonstrate it as we go, our Freedom Ministry seeks to encompass the ministry of Jesus to undo the works of the devil in the lives of individuals.

We desire to help people grow in their soul (mind, will, emotions) through elements of teaching and discipleship so that they can grow in the freedom they obtain as they seek to know and serve Jesus Christ.

Three issues need to be addressed for people to find freedom from bondage in their life:

The issue of bondage and strongholds in the lives of believers.
The issue of learning to walk and grow in freedom.
The issue of maintaining a healthy balance where there has historically been a tendency towards imbalance.

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