December 20th, 10am-1pm


iAMCHRISTMAS captures the Christmas spirit of love, sharing and giving, and transforms that to a lifestyle. It is a lifestyle that makes us seek to live beyond ourselves; provoking us to live a life that takes advantage of opportunities to share the heart of Christmas in practical ways.

Specifically, iAMCHRISTMAS is a golden opportunity to give away toys to children and teens in Anne Arundel County.

iAMCHRISTMAS was started through i5 in partnership with the Toy for Tots Foundation and local schools to care for children in our local community, but with a twist.

Here is the twist: It is the only program that, not only serves as a distribution point for donations, but also gathers hundreds of local volunteers across Anne Arundel County on one day to personally deliver gifts family to family. This truly is a true community initiative.

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